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2. Men's room monologue
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This site is for viewers aged 14 or over. It contains weirdness and humour which may be suggestive, lewd, odd, ugly, patronising, peculiar, offensive, or violent. You have been warned, although not too much as we would like you to stay a while :o)
New links are always being added to this site - if you have a suggestion then why not send it to us?
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New Listings

   Koan Cafe - On the corner of nowhere and everywhere
   Shia Labeouf - A song about a cannibal, by Rob Cantor
   OMG Gaming Mouse - The ultimate gaming mouse
   Literally unbelievable - Facebook responses to spoof articles on The Onion
   cachemonet - arty music video
   WriteTube - Write messages, read other people's messages
   Acid bunny - Help the bunny to repair his friend
   SuperLOL - Just pictures.
   Twerkball - Help Miley twerk that ball
   Jack Chop - Careless cooking
   Album covers - Yugoslavian album covers
   Short horror stories - Horror stories in two sentences. Creepy!
   BoredSmash - Things to do to avoid boredom
   Soundboard - Beyonce's sounds at your fingertips
   mute - Animation about mouthless people
   Reptilians - Deadly invisible shape-shifting aliens are among us!
   The house 2 - Very creepy point and click adventure. Not for the faint-hearted.
   Sleep talk recorder - Listen to what people say in their sleep
   9 Eyes - A collection of Google streetview images
   Clicking bad - Browser version of Breaking Bad

More Sites for you

March's TOP 10
1.  Shia Labeouf
2.  Who searches this stuff
3.  My housemate's diary
4.  Jack Chop
5.  Acid bunny
6.  OMG Gaming Mouse
7.  Twerkball
8.  cachemonet
9.  The house 2
10.  SuperLOL


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